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410 AM dropped a killer freestyle with "chop dat/Alphabetical Slaughter"

Renowned for his generous work and content, 410 AM is back with another gift, his "Chop Dat Freestyle / Alphabetical Slaughter."

From the very beginning, AM offers us his usual intricate flows, filled with clever puns and the result is on another level.

As the title suggests, AM uses the English alphabet to frame his lines and the way he manages to build a superb lyrical assassination on the instrumental produced by Ghosty is stunning.

This freestyle is inspired by the original 2004 piece " Alphabetical Slaughter" by the New york rapper Papoose, where he also raps through the entire alphabet.

The video is directed by Black Cloud Visuals, where AM is filmed working throughout his freestyle at Laagha's Waffles shop in Thornton Heath.

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Aug 23, 2021

Appreciate thiis blog post

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