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AJ Tracey dropped his Album "Flu Game"

In recent years, the UK has undoubtedly been the hub of artists pushing boundaries and amalgamating genres. West London rapper AJ Tracey certainly is an example of this, he has managed to fluctuate between genres and artists, while maintaining his status as an independent artist. Aj Tracey on April 16th released his second album Flu Game, reinforcing this narrative, of an artist flying over the rest of the country, reaching different borders.

This project takes its title from the nickname given to the infamous 1997 basketball game between the Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz when Michael Jordan falls ill from food poisoning but somehow manages to lead the Chicago Bulls to victory in the playoff series and consolidates himself and the Bulls as one of the greatest teams in NBA history. This comparison with Michael Jordan is the meaning narrated in the album, of when you go through difficult times, but you always have to make sure you focus on moving forward trying to break the boundaries. Beautiful collaborations that AJ loves so much, with the artists Digga D, Mostack, Mabel, T-Pain, and Kehlani.

Listen to the full project here


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