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Aj tracey & skepta come with the vibes but wont kiss & tell on their anticipated collaboration

AJ TRACEY & SKEPTA ARE PROBABLY some of the most versatile artist in the scene right now.

able to create hits in different genres while still being able to impress their original fan base. on "kiss and tell" prod by skepta that continues his impressive halloween release streak.

it's got a smooth and bumping vocal sample that has a nice throwback feel.

aj doesn't go easy on his verse and reminds people that he is still a shellers. with bars like

"Had Pyrex, had pots, no pans, all she ever wanted was a man that's gang Your girl gave me top like a Virgil lookbook and I got kicks like a shaolin clan"

tracey has always had a talented of dropping cheeky double meaning punchlines that sound cold but are easy to understand.

skepta should of used this song for his album. he sounds completely in his element and bodies his contribution. with is crystal clear delivery always a delight to hear through the speakers.

able to drop catchy lines that will cling to your ear drums.

"She's dressed to kill, she's a queen for real, she can do it on Bond Street, she can do it on Fairfax (Uh-huh) She know she looks good in them high heels (Sex), and she looks good in some Air Max"

can't say who had the best verse but this is a solid radio hit that was worth the wait.

kiss and tell about this single now!


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