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An Inside Look – The First Finesse Forever Producer Camp of 2020

The producer is the foundation, but probably the most overlooked part of any song. Your favourite rappers favourite rapper could be talking a madness but if the beat is out of place, that tune just isn’t going to take off.

With drill becoming a bigger part of the mainstream conversation every day as it grabs the attention of fans both locally and stateside, high quality, creative and authentic drill beats have never been more in demand. So

This months’ producer camp, and the first one of the year is the second one I’ve attended so far. There’s a true spirit of collaboration - everybody is free to jump on and work on something, and really get an idea off if they have one. There’s always someone willing to help with something that another producer might find hard and as always, there’s some serious bangers coming out of the camp. IT MIGHT BE THE RAPPERS THAT HAVE TO STEP THEIR GAME UP THIS YEAR.

Walk into any of the four studios in the camp (if you weren’t looking for perinaise or something) and your first reaction is most likely gonna be ‘this beat is hard’. A lot of people were willing to explore, push their talents and make those crème of the crop drill beats.

Keep an eye out for who touches these beats – (whether that artist is from the UK is US) and expect a lot more from Finesse Foreva this year.


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