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Appreciation and Controversy of the UK launching the first official afrobeat chart

On the 21st of July the UK launched their first official afrobeat chart. It is pleasant to see this has been considered; especially during a remarkable era, the black lives matter movement being recalled now more than ever. More recognition, opportunities and appreciation for the African culture and the black community. 

So what are afrobeats? Afrobeats are recognised as a musical genre influenced and originating from African culture. Through intersecting rhythms, chanted vocals, representing African highlife etc. Commonly adored by dancing and acknowledged as music that gathers people collectively. 

You don’t necessarily have to be an afrobeats artist to emerge in the afrobeats chart. Nevertheless, the song submitted to the chart ought to be an afrobeat song. Taking sub-genres into account; for instance, afro-swing, afro-bashment etc.

The UK official afrobeat charts have created historical moments for many. NSG tweeted:  “NSG had the first number 1 on the UK afrobeats chart...historical moment.”

These expertise are frequently neglected by the “rest” of society so It’s great to see a good selection of international and local afrobeats artists. Glorifying, congratulating and encouraging afrobeats more in the UK. 

Contrarily, is this actually an authentic representation of afrobeats? Questionable as to what afrobeats are within this chart. Some songs within the afrobeat list challenge the research behind the chart and establish some of these singles are not primarily recognised as afrobeats.


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