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Avelino reflects on past, present and future on his new banger ‘Prey’

Avelino, AKA Young Fire, should not be being slept on at this point. And he says as much on his latest drop we have here - ‘sleep when your dead, don’t tell me I’m slept on’.

Every tune he gives you the essence, that authentic artistry giving you insight and perspective in his bars.

Prey is no exception. He talks about his success, his fame and fortunes and his drive to take things further; but throughout the song he REFUSES to shake where he’s come from.

Avelino sounds reinvigorated here. Both in his flow, cutting through the instrumental like it’s nothing, and in his mentality – he talks about buying a house with the next belly he hits, just because, as he repeats throughout the song ‘last year I spent more dough than I made’.

Expressing his talents through a raw, beat and bars tune, Avelino cuts through all the extras and bares his soul. His wordplay is effortless as usual, pairing words with hard quotables like ‘ever seen a sawnoff, shit gets hotter than a sauna’, or ‘shotting really turned me to a shot caller’. Lyrically, this is soul food, and there’s a lot to digest here.

The Kyle Evans produced beat is perfect for him; the looped guitars linger in the background, haunting Avelino as he lets off bar after bar. Blended with the vocal samples and the heavy 808s, it’s a real gem of an instrumental, that needed a real rapper, and AV does it justice.

The song is short but sweet and sounds like a brief taste of what’s to come. His debut album is coming soon, and we could be looking at another level of Avelino soon. Till then, you can check out the video ABOVE.


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