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Big Zuu, Crafty and K9 team up for Grime 16 bar rally "No Hook"

16 bar riddims are a dime a dozen in grime, but the combination of Big Zuu, Crafty and K9 is dangerous.

Crafty is a monster on the buttons, with the vocal sample being a nice touch, but as an MC he's just as impressive if not more so with lyrics like:

"Manna press keys if you ctrl Z, any work that you bang gets undone"

Big Zuu comes with some clever word play in his verse, and over the last few years has really established himself as a talented lyricist inside and outside of grime.

K9 comes with the cruddiest bars that perfectly round out the tune, along with is seemless flow switches throughout his verse.

If this isn't on your grime playlist it should be.


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