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Black History month at Finesse Foreva: Chance The Rapper AN Angel black activist in Chicago

We know Chance the rapper for his talented work as a rapper and i ndependent artist, but Chancelor Johnathan Bennett is also known for his activism in politics and helping the community, especially the younger generations.

But he doesn’t just talk the talk. A Chicago native who still lives in his home town, Chance walks the walk by staying invested in his community: the schools, the politics, the people.

In 2014 Rahm Emanuel the mayor of Chicago (Chance the rapper 's native city) nominated chance as Chicago's Outstanding Youth of the Year for his activism. Chance's work to support Chicago youth includes hosting Open Mike nights for Chicago-area high school students , in collaboration with Chicago's Public Library,

In December 2015, Chance joined with Detroit-based non profit group “Empowerment Plan” the start of an initiative called "Warmest Winter 2016". The initiative raised money to give 1,000 specially manufactured coats, which doubled as sleeping bags and shoulder bags, and were manufactured by homeless citizens of Detroit, to homeless citizens of Chicago.

In June 2016, he hosted "the Teens in the Park event", a free youth festival on Chicago's Northerly Island, that drew an attendance of 3,300.

Chance also participated actively to the fight against gun violence in his home town of Chicago and in 2 014, along with his f ather, promoted the "#SaveChicago" campaign. The campaign sought to stop gun violence over the Memorial Day Weekend.

In March 2017, Chance announced his intention to donate $1,000,000 to Chicago Public schools, in order to help balancing the lack of government funding provided. Following this, a movement arose to try inspiring Chance to run for mayor of Chicago. This was backed by fellow media personalities including musician Drake.

In 2020, Chance will be honored by UNICEF at their annual gala in Chicago with the UNICEF Chicago Humanitarian Award.

A gifted artist, Chance the Rapper tells stories and uplifts others through his music, for sure, But he’s also clearly invested in using his influence to champion others even beyond the rap.


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