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Cardi B has trademarked WAP, new onslaught of WAP themed merch and soft drinks incoming

Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion dropped Wap a few months back, and made a real splash. The sexually charged song and music video not only kept her name in the mouths of the public but became the first UK number one single led by female rappers - ever.

Cardi is now looking to capitalise on the success of the song by trademarking the name of the song and use the rights to spin off into merch.

TMZ have reported that she has smartly, and successfully secured the rights, appearing in the US Patent and Trademark Office’s register as including jewelry, clothing, bags, alcohol, soft drinks and even headwear. Wap cap incoming.

Filed in late September under Washpoppin, Inc, a Cardi B affiliated corporation, the trademark now formally protects Cardi B ‘s rights under the US Lanham Act, granting her indefinite ownership of the phrase, subject to 10 year renewals and fair use, and earning her the essential ® symbol for any products. Remedies include injunctions or monetary relief.

This isn’t the first time Cardi’s business savvy has brought her to the USPTO; she trademarked her phrase ‘okurr’ back in 2016 for use in merch as well.


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