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Crystal Millz makes big entrance to UK Drill with "Important Freestyle"

Within the space of a week of each other, we had a sudden influx of great debut singles from women entering the UK Drill scene and this freestyle from Crystal Millz is what kicked it off for me.

The beat switch is a nice touch which shows she is capable of two distinctive styles. The first half is more upbeat energetic hook centric drill song. Despite my thoughts that the delivery isn't as clean is it could be, the flow is unique to her and gives the chorus a lot of life in her capable hands. Even a few quotable lyrics here and there such as "Bad Boys 2 like Martin Lawrence"

The second half is a more sombre offering which taps into the UK "Real Rap" trend/sound that is currently booming. She is quite introspective and speaks to her ambitions, struggles and loved ones in this half of the track. Whilst it is more of a Drill beat in terms of drum pattern and tempo, it certainly has a "Real Rap" feel to it due to the mellow tones of the melody.

Instagram: @crystaldvries

Twitter: @CrystalDvries


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