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South London rapper DC tells us the troubles of his "Neighbourhood"

DC floats between grime and rap, and the result is skippy flows with a laid back delivery that he can use in amazing ways.

Neighbourhood was produced by TSB who does a great job of establishing the right tone for the sincere topics that DC is looking to tackle. the vocal loops combined with the piano melodies and the under bearing drum pattern, give DC a lot of freedom as rapper to flex the flows he can use. However this is more than just another rap song to DC, the visuals of his south london surroundings feel nostalgic, like the images are a collection of memories that he is showing you with the song.

DC has this to say about the track; “Neighbourhood is a reflection of my environment. Almost a detailed diary of experiences I’ve had in the ends and the results of that - whether good or bad. It addresses several issues but all centres around one thing of being 'out here til it kills me, I’m gonna get the job done, I’m gonna keep going'. I've taken some time to live life outside of the studio and now I'm ready to return and it shows in the music. I’m feeling aligned in myself but at a higher level so let’s get it."


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