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DialE seeks to rap his way out of despair with "Dreams"

People deal with the bleakness and nothingness of life in different ways, but DialE truly feels like he's rapping his way out of despair citing his childhood dreams as a motivation.

DialE Dreams Finesse Foreva Blog UK Lo Fi Rap

The Lo-fi rap influences shine through with the glossy guitar melodies on the track, which compliments the calm and sincere voice of DialE. The hook whilst simple, is easy to rap along to, as well as being a good mantra to repeat if you find yourself in such a place in life.

"Dreams, nah they ain't found 'ere, dreams, shit that's all we got round 'ere"

The flows on the verse are quite skippy and do vary from the hook which shows he has genuine capability as a rapper.

Listen to the track below or hit this link to listen on other platforms:


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