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ICYMI: #Drill8Vs8 Harlem Spartans VS 67

#Drill8vs8 is the biggest virtual drill clash to occur. The drill clash was presented by ‘Finesse Foreva’ and ‘Mixtape Madness’. The digital clash was streamed live on Mixtape Madness’ You tube channel featuring thousands of live viewers, and the audio can be streamed here:

We also made some changes to the rules which are as follows:

The first representative introduces their song and plays it. The 2nd representative replies with a song of their choice. You will have 5 minutes to vote in the Finesse Foreva Twitter poll that is posted after each round to decide on a winner. Whoever wins the most rounds wins the clash.

Harlem Spartans Perspective from Tom Garside:

After watching the #Drill8vs8 this week between 67 and Harlem Spartans, there were a few bangers played from GBE who was the DJ for Harlem Spartans. On the other hand, he missed out on bangers such as War, No Hook, Grip and Ride and 21st Century Spartans. The rounds Harlem won in my opinion were 2,3 and 8 with tracks Call Me a Spartan, Hazards and Kennington Where It Started. 

The end verdict of the 8v8 which was voted by the fans on the Twitter, Harlem Spartans took the W in this clash. Overall it was a good clash to listen to as Harlem Spartans are one of the first drill groups to blow up, and are proper OG’s in the scene as they have been bringing out music since 2014. 

67 Perspective from Tom Garside : 

In my opinion 67 won this clash as they had the better songs played in rounds 1,4,5,6 and 7 with the tracks Live Corn, Wicked and Bad, Today, Take It There and Waps. The DJ for 67 was Alex Basz who played some classic bangers from the Brixton Hill group. Alex Basz was the DJ for 410 as well in last weeks clash.

Also 67 was robbed of the win in this clash this week the same 410 was robbed last week. My reasoning behind this is Alex played the better tunes than GBE in the right rounds. On the other hand I am enjoying listening to these #Drill8vs8 clashes every week on Mixtape Madness.

Trending at number 18 on twitter the momentum of the #Drill8vs8 clashes is going strong and we have plenty more line ups coming as well surprise guests and exclusive tracks. The next clash is speculated to be zone 2 vs CGM based on the twitter poll, make sure you're locked in.

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