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ICYMI #Drill8vs8 410 vs OFB with Mixtape Madness

#Drill8vs8 was number 2 trending on Twitter; this is such a crazy concept being Finesse Foreva and Mixtape Madness’ first clash. This had a great impact and the importance of these big platforms promoting the culture and encouraging talent was recognized and has always been vital within the music industry. 

There has been a continuous high demand for this clash, you asked we delivered! The demand for a drill clash was transparent but for the first clash to trend like this was unexpected. Twitter Polls were booming and the hashtag was going crazy.

Regarding structure the clash had two representatives; Alex aka Mr Reload it was 410’s representatives. DJ GBE (Abracadabra’s DJ) was OFB’s representative. The concept of the representatives was to impress the judges and battle against each other with the opposing song. With a selection of 8 tracks, hence the name ‘drill 8 vs 8’. The judges were ‘Prod by Walks’ and ‘Lee to the VI’. Along with our host ‘Ashley’.

The Rules:

The first representative introduces and plays their song, then the second representative replies with a song of their choice.After every round the judges rate their songs out of ten but if there's a split vote between the judges they head over to the twitter poll on Finesse Foreva’s page and the viewers/participants determine the winner.

OFB Perspective from Tom Garside:

Round 1 - Rv x Headie One - Behind Barz - It’s a banger as Headie One and Rv go back to back, also is one of the best drill freestyles ever.

Round 2 - OFB - Mad Max - A drill classic which Headie One, Kash, Lowkey, Rv and Tuggzy all spit mad bars on it.

Round 3 - Headie One - Golden Boot - One of the first Headie One tunes I heard which featured on his debut album, The One with mad production from M1ontheBeat. 

Round 4 - Abra Cadabra - Robbery - Abra Cadabra goes mad on this track from his delivery to the switch of flows on it, and also a crazy beat from Yamaica Productions.

Round 5 - SJ - Youngest in Charge - SJ comes in at Round 5 with an iconic solo tune from him  and spits his bars over an aggressive beat from MobzBeatz. 

Round 6 - Headie One - Banter On Me - The sixth round sees GBE play a classic from Headie One which was on The One Two album In 2018. 

Round 7 - SJ x Bandokay x Double Lz - Ambush - This is the song that blew OFB up in 2019 and quite rightly as it is a very cold track. SJ, Bandokay and Double Lz go back to back on this over a drill beat from Sykes Beats.

Round 8 - Headie One x Rv - Know Better - The last round from OFB comes in with one of the best drill tracks ever from the haunting instrumental, to Headie’s and Rv’s verses and the iconic ‘Shhh’ which artists now use in their songs to this day. 

After watching the Drill 8v8 between OFB and 410, in my opinion GBE (OFB DJ) picked the wrong songs in Rounds 4,5 and 6 for OFB because, there are better songs than Robbery, Youngest in Charge and Banter On Me that he could’ve played in them rounds such as The Jugg, Red Card and Why Always Me.

410 perspective from Annabel

With in the first round, Alex came in strong with his choice of track "civilians". HE did not come to play. LEE -VI was clearly left impressed, as he rated the track a 10 and described it as a "mad ting" even adding that the track "still bangs till this day". walkz on the other hand was left "sweating", and went on to rate the track an 8. However, as the clash continued to progress, judges didn't seem to be impressed with alex's song choice. however, the tables turned when leading up to round 6 and 7. This included hits "ten toes " and am x skengdo's, "mad about bars". these two song choice s , even had the host apologizing for her actions when judging alex's previous song choices. mr reload it did not come to play! he had gone clear and many viewers agreed. Then came the final track. THE SHOW STOPPER, "attempted". From this point on , the future was clear. it was getting dark, but the sun didn't wanna leave. all I needed was a slushie and life would be set.

all in all, the streets spoke via twitter polls and 410 were the clear winners leading 6-2. however, both judges leevi and walkz fairly disagreed. leaving ofb victorious. Both sides have some lit tunes so it was tough decision to be honest.

At the end of the last round there were debates regarding new school drill vs old school drill. Questioning if the judges really concluded their judgement correctly when deciding the greatest impact and story line behind “Headie One - Know Better” vs “AM - Attempted”. Nonetheless, these debates will be discussed.

Drill 8 vs 8 is the biggest virtual drill clash to occur. The drill clash was presented by ‘Finesse Foreva’ and ‘Mixtape Madness’. The digital clash was streamed live on Mixtape Madness’ YouTube channel featuring thousands of live viewers. The audio is still available to WATCH, so be sure to check it out!


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