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ICYMI: #Drill8vs8 Zone 2 Vs CGM

#Drill8vs8 is the biggest virtual drill clash to occur. The drill clash was presented by ‘Finesse Foreva’ and ‘Mixtape Madness’. The digital clash was streamed live on Mixtape Madness’ You tube channel featuring thousands of live viewers, and the audio can be streamed here:

We also made some changes to the rules which are as follows:

The first representative introduces their song and plays it. The 2nd representative replies with a song of their choice. You will have 5 minutes to vote in the Finesse Foreva Twitter poll that is posted after each round to decide on a winner. Whoever wins the most rounds wins the clash.

Zone 2 Perspective:

This weeks Drill 8v8 was between Zone 2 and CGM. The DJ for Zone 2 was Mr Reload It himself Alex Basz who played a lot of bangers from Zone 2. The rounds they won based of what the fans voted for on the Twitter polls were Rounds 1,3,4 and 7. The tracks which were played in these winning rounds were Riding, No Hook, No Safety and No Censor. At the end of the 8v8 it was a draw so a Round 9 was introduced to settle who would take the W. So in this round Who’s Badder Than We was played against Kill Confirmed and won which meant Zone 2 took the victory this week. 

I think Alex Basz deserves the win this week as he has been robbed the last two weeks in my opinion from representing 410 and 67.  

CGM Perspective:

The DJ for CGM was GBE who played some very good tracks to compete with Zone 2. For example from the rounds CGM won, the songs that were played was No Hook, Digga D’s Mad About Bars, No Diet and their iconic Next Up freestyle. In the sudden death round  GBE could’ve played a better tune than Kill Confirmed in my opinion as there are bangers such as Who’s on What, Digga and Savo’s Who and even one of their most recent ones Unprovoked which will be featured on the Pressplay album The First Drill. 

After this week it is still 2-1 to GBE overall, and hopefully we get to see another 8v8 clash next week on Mixtape Madness: 150/GBG v Homerton . Keep using the #Drill8vs8 hashtag and make sure you're locked in for the pre-clash analysis tomorrow.


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