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Drill is a music genre like any other, it seeks to express certain experiences that artists face in their lives and the lives of those around them. Those experiences just so happen to be about drug dealing, violence most importantly poverty. This is what SK passionately explained to listeners of LBC Radio when he was interviewed recently. The presenter asked him a series of questions which was interesting, but also baiting him into saying what she might have wanted. She asked him why the content of drill is so explicit, and SK told the truth, music is a form of expression. Gang violence existed before the music did, and someone GCSE science will tell you that correlation does not imply causation. We know that Drill doesn’t cause violence, S1, Skengdo & AM, Abigail Doll have all had shows with no incidents. Whilst that cannot be said for RoDdy rich’s show in the UK for example.

Instead of elaborating on a sound argument that tends to fall on deaf ears, there are more important things to draw upon from SK’s wise words of wisdom. What is important is the understanding that these artists who are currently about to gain a stable income from tours, music videos and public appearances can transform their lives, as their government has categorically failed them. MPs might appear at schools to give speeches, in the nice grammar schools in the suburbs where their students will never understand such sufferings in life, all for the sake of their public image and opinion polls. As their environment changes so does their music, and therefore we and uplift ourselves from the troubles we find ourselves in. SK takes pride in regulating the content we promote at Finesse Foreva and giving crucial advice to artists. We understand that the violence is your present as an artist, but SK takes it upon himself to ensure that it’s not your future. He gives crucial information and advice to artists such as how to set up a bank account, or legally insure the nice whip you want to drive is something that our education system does not teach you. YouTube publicly declaring that they will stop taking down Drill videos is a huge step forward for our culture.

However, Drill is going to have to adopt the attitude that Grime has taken over the years. As you would likely have seen, Unknown T is being charged for his sins in the past, although it has not been proven in court at this time. I will not lie to you, as someone who has a politics masters, I can confidently tell you that they will crucify him by every means possible to set an example. They will attempt to crack down on drill in the same way they did on grime once upon a time. Editors at the Daily Mail will be licking their lips. What I am here to tell you is that we will survive. Finesse Foreva will still be here no matter how hard they attempted to clamp down on drill. Promoting the music you love, on this blog, on our social media, on our YouTube Channel which is being rebooted supporting the artists you love on and off of our label. We will still be here, representing drill, representing you. You may hear the phrase “Drill is dead” over the next few weeks, but I urge you to fight it the same way grime did is still is doing and always has done. Ridicule the statement the same way Logan Sama does with his “Grime is dead” T – Shirts. Grime survived some of the worst persecution a music genre has ever seen, and thrived, and Drill will do the same.

With same passion that SK represented Drill on LBC, Finesse Foreva will still be here, representing Drill, whether they like it or not. We will not be smothered out. #Drillisdead


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