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DXVL releases new song and video: "John Cena"

The South London, rapper, and producer DXVL has released his new song and video "John Cena".

The talented artist, who is also a DJ, producer, and drummer, has accumulated already millions of streams across all platforms.

His biggest song "Garms" has reached already over 6 million.

How DXVL created John Cena

DXVL's passion for Wrestling, influenced the creation of "John Cena" after the rapper was watching some legendary matches against the likes of Randy Orton, etc, the song is a clear homage to the artist's favorite wrestler, John Cena, and his popular catchphrase "You can't see me". The song was produced by the legendary producer JBMadeit, the video was shot by the talented duo Black Cloud Visuals in the Croydon area, giving a strong sense of homely community.

DXVL is set to release more upcoming singles and a new full project by the end of the year.


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