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Finesse Foreva launch their newest radio show ‘Foreva Uncut’

Finesse Foreva Foreva Uncut Radio Show Croydon FM

Finesse Foreva have officially launched their newest radio show. ‘Foreva Uncut’ is a fresh, urban radio show that unreservedly discusses questionable affairs at one’s pleasure, hence the name ‘uncut '. ‘Foreva Uncut’ is amazingly hosted by Joe Blogs and wonderfully co hosted by Bex. The first production took place on the 14th of September. Nonetheless, It is broadcasted once a week LIVE at Croydon FM every Monday from 3pm-5pm (GMT).

The authenticity of ‘Foreva Uncut’ is the hosts purposely review subjects that cannot necessarily be discussed on the radio. They speak their mind freely. However, many conversations are influenced by online conversations. For instance, a controversial topic raised on the shade borough, may be debated further on ‘Foreva Uncut’. A radio show that says anything they want. Whilst playing fresh urban music straight from the hood.

The show awaits various guests and will soon be sparking national conversations. Topic of the week is one of the largest elements on the show. They communicate multiple events that have occurred during the week. They then dissect it, debate and ask the artist/guest what their current thoughts are on the topic. Become a part of the conversation and tune in every Monday. 


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