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Finesse Foreva X Drake, Yes we produced UK Drill for Drake

Drake dropped the Dark Lane Demo Tapes by complete surprise last night, but whilst it was a surprise for you reading this, it was a moment of joy for all of us. We've reached new heights Producing hits for 22gz, French Montana and now Drake.

JB Made it produced the track "Demons" with Fivio Foreign and Sosa Geek, and after a long back and forth with all the artists' management teams, it was confirmed for release a few months ago. Drake has shown the UK Drill and NY Drill scenes a lot of love recently, so it was the perfect opportunity for us with the amount of producer talent we have on our label. Drake previewed this on Instagram live not long ago, however it still wasn't exactly clear when the song was coming out due to the surprise nature of the project.

A Quote from JB himself:

"I'm fired up, i'm gassed I don't really know what to say, i'm so overwhelmed. It can be too much for any person who doubts and doesn't believe themselves.Struggling with self-belief is the biggest problem for any creative. You can make up for talent with hard work and my journey so far in 2020 overcoming everything that was thrown at me. Grafting consistently is key, never forget that."

Obviously you're going to be streaming this project so keep an eye out for the track "Demons" as well as Finesse Foreva in the future, we got even bigger moves coming.


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