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Flo Hio and Kasien drop bangers "With Ease"

Flo Hio and Kasien are two forces within the UK Underground rap scene that are really shaking things up, so seeing them collab for a banger like this is genuinely exciting.

Taken from Flo Hio's upcoming project "Unveiled", she teams up with Kasien for a greazy UK rap banger with an odd amount of complexion to it.

Flo Hio's raw delivery is contrasted so well with slick and smooth Kasien's hook which acts a brilliant sing a long that holds the track together.

Anais Bremond brings a unique beat to the table with the eerie synths on the verses which get darker in tone and more intense on Kasien's hook. All in all, this is definitely a bop no matter which way you slice it.

The music video is set in your local pub that normally you wouldn't find the characters described in the song caught dead in. You'll see what I mean when you watch the video below:


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