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Homerton Affiliate Alchubbino drops 'See July'

Alchubbino is an up and coming rapper representing Hackney, with a cold new approach to trap rap. He’s only just getting started but with his latest release ‘See July’ he proves that he can stand out on his own as an artist.

You may recognize al from his feature on KO’s tape #TSM, or from a couple little singles here and there. just from the ko affiliation alone, you know that his style is going to be something different. It takes a different type of rapper to keep up with KO or anyone in Homerton to be honest, and Al’s flagrant and unashamed trapper mentality is in full effect here.

It was a solid debut verse, and it’s rare that you see a rapper with such a confident, fully established flow and delivery on a tune. But with a sporadic output, can he deliver a full tune on his own two feet?

In my opinion, he’s done well to prove himself here. This latest tune is cleaner, more polished and leans into his talent, giving Al the opportunity to set himself apart for the listeners.

Al’s style definitely feels like a modern take on UK rap; his aggressive delivery is mean and reckless, yet still finds itself in and out of the pocket on the melodic yet dark instrumental. He’ll remind you of Dubz a little – he definitely wouldn’t feel out of place on an old Giggs tape.

The piano led beat, produced by S Finesse is rider music for real. The variety in the beat gives Al the perfect opportunity to paint a picture of the ups of downs of a street lifestyle. As he screams on the hook – ‘real trap little nigga, only went to school with a rack in my kicker’.

I’m going to be locked on to Alchubbino from here; but in the meantime you can stream the ‘See July’ video above.


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