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In Conversation With Finesse Foreva: Yung Fume

the prolific rapper Yung Fume has released his new mixtape Now or Never.

The South London artist has already given us two projects in 2019, with "Noughts & Crosses 4 "- which includes big featuring with artists such as Lil Durk, Young Tory, Young Ads, Lancey Foux, Fee Gonzales, and ZinoZee - and "The Other Way", confirming its unique and enviable consistency and work ethic.

With this new project the artist reminds us of his exclusive sound forged in recent years thanks to his work in the UK and the USA, combining the various musiC influences collected in the two countries. The mixtape contains 14 tracks, including the recent single "Devilish "and the banger "Movie", which have largely acquired the typical trap influenced sound of the rapper from Thornton Heath.

We had a chat with him and here what he told us:

1) Tell us about yourself, how did you start making music?

I was born and raised in South London. I started making music as a hobby, very often on the way to school, on the back of the bus, I listened to the beats and did freestyles. i used to go to my older brother house,he was a producer, so i used to hang around there and i made him listen to my work and he always encouraged me in what i wanted to do.

2) You have a very Trappy Atlanta sound, is it because of the American artists and producers you have worked with? Who has inspired you the most as an artist so far?

In reality it is more a question of musical choice, of sound, genre I LIKE.

I THINK PROBABLY future is the artist who ha Dthe greatest influence on me and my music.

3) Your new mixtape 'Now or never' has come out recently; can you tell us more about the creation of the project?

the project and the title is very connected to the coronavirus pandemic; I wanted to HIGHLIGHT how everything can happen, how things can change from one moment to the next and that tomorrow is not guaranteed.

4) You have worked with many artists from other parts of the world. What do you think of the current English urban scene?

I think it is growing a lot and that it is becoming increasingly important; I believe, however, that record companies must stop signing artists for money, (i'm not talking about myself but in general) instead they should sign them for their music , so we could truly see real musician become superstars thanks to the quality of their music, which at the moment unfortunately IT is no happening especially here in uk.


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