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It's Lewisham to toronto on new collab from pressa and russ x taze

Russ’ unexpected rise has been undeniable in 2019, and his work rate from his previous bangers continues with his latest effort in Vida Loca. He’s gone from strength to strength in Gun Lean – a game changing moment in drill that saw Russ nod to old school UK funky tunes by dropping a drill song with a dance move along side it (that people are still doing to this day). Keisha and Becky had a similar impact, which was easily one of the biggest remixes this year. He’s maintained his workrate but now we’re seeing Russ get back at anyone claiming he’s made “watered down drill” by hitting up Taze and drafting in Pressa from Toronto over a banger produced by Hargo OTB.

The most notable part of the song is easily Pressa. While Russ’ singles have had a little attention on the other side of the Atlantic, bringing in a Canadian with a history of UK collabs was an interesting move. Working with artists like Giggs in the past (and now Russ and Taze) shows a real respect for the UK scene. Lyrically, the contrast of hearing him go back and forth with the two drillers was an interesting change of pace. Pressa may be like Marmite for a lot of people but when you hear bars like “if I hit him with this ah – send a p**sy n**ga to outer space” in his trademark baby voice you just can’t knock it.

It’s also important to mention that this is the first Russ and Taze collaboration in a while. Russ is in typical form, here flexing with bars like “on my left wrist that’s 19 bags, on my right that a next quick 8”.

Taze really shows up here lyrically too. His flow is easily a highlight on the tune and his last two verses are show stealers, proving that when he and Russ link up they’re a not a duo to mess with. The man didn’t hold back here at all and while everyone brought their own unique style, Taze definitely showed the most energy.

The video directed by Kaylum is worth a watch and be found by scrolling above.


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