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It's Lr Again ! Zone 2's most improved member?

One of the most underrated Zone 2 members , Lr drops solo track "Did It again" showing how much he's improved over the course of a year.

Produced my Minkzy, the huge point of improvement listeners will hear is with his flow and delivery. In zone 2 fashion, LR is just unnecessarily rude with his lyrics through the entire track, but that's what we listen to them for so we're not really complaining.

"Your bredrin's dead am I talking cockney?"

however, if you put that to side for a second, LR is starting to alter his flows quite well ever since his appearance on the Plugged in Freestyle with Fumez, and his delivery has gotten so much cleaner he certainly deserves credit. honestly, LR might be the most improved UK Drill artist of 2020.


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