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Ivorian Doll queen of the uk drill drops "Body bag"

Ivorian Doll, returns with a new single "Body Bag". The rapper has only a few songs under her name, but she 's already claiming her title as queen of the UK drill scene. While the sounds that are arriving from the UK continue to dictate the popular sounds of hip-hop everywhere, the artist has made great strides to become the first-lady of the genre. After the release of her hit "Rumors", here comes her new banger . The rapper's attitude is top, as she affirms her authority in a male dominated genre. The incisive rap track with uncompromising lyrics is reminiscent of another female artist like Nicki Minaj , who had to prevail in the male-dominated rap world.

Ivorian Doll describes the song to us like this:

It’s a song that allows females to feel on top of the world and confident in their talent "


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