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Jeshi and his 30000 feet with celeste

Jeshi has released the video of his new single 30000 Feet featuring Celeste (BBC Sound of 2020 finalist and Brit Award Rising Star winner).

The visual offers a puzzle of different shots that remind us of happy and sad moments of summer, shot completely with an Iphone and a fish eye lens, the message is clear and philosophical, it is said that good times always pass quickly, but also bad ones. In one of the scenes Celeste throws a birthday cake in the street and then lights the cigarette with the flames of the candles singing Nothing is forever.

A very strong and emotive piece, accompanied by exciting chords and soft saxophone sounds, punctuated by shots of an 808.

Jeshi is a different rapper from the others, eccentric and innovative, capable of unpredictable freestyles, but also pieces of extreme poetry and very close to the style of spoken words. He also collaborated with Mura Musa and toured with Yellow Days and made appearances on large music platforms, such as COLORs, Boiler Room and NTS.


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