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JORDS IS ALMOST AN ADULT is out NOW and it's an exercise in soul searching

“Almost An Adult” is the new debut album of Jords, the Croydon 's rapper released a short film just before the work came out, teasing the listeners with short snippets of some of the songs.

The theme is clear and honest: layers of introspective thoughts about the artist's personal feelings on everyday life, love, loss and growing up in London, a style of UKrap beautifully mixed with a fusion of R&B and London Culture.

The ten tracks project begins with “My City”

talking about his own growing up place and all the ups and down that come within , layered with some soothing jazzy vibes.The central piece for me is Halos, a heartfelt opening about

The central piece for me is Halos, a heartfelt opening about loss and grief, with a spoken word contribution from Thea Gajic

"It’s so hard to say goodbye

I’ve started talking to the sky

I’m falling as you fly, I know you’re always in my mind

But I just wanna look you in the eyes"

"Patterned” is a bouncy mixture of flows and bars with an 808s, talking about keeping f the family and the mandem fine and sorted. Jords is staying optimistic through the hard times and tribulations of becoming an adult, and dealing with maturity .

the artist borrows a 90s r&b sample - K. P. & Envyi’s ‘Swing My Way for the track Swing , in here he feels confused about having a fling or finding the right girl for him. Jords is joined by Jaz Kharis, in "rose tinted glasses". they both singing about the ups and down of relationships, on an array of mellow and soul-inspired beats.

On ‘Mrs Chambers Kitchen 2’ the rapper is finding hard to lay his grandmother to rest in Jamaica, another emotional piece that further shows his depths as a man and as an artist, talking about some very personal and introspective issues; lost and family ties.

This album is all self produced, it conveys a smooth careful refined rapping style with all the influences that the Croydon Mc encountered in his music life and defined him the way that he 's now, from reggae, r&b and Jazz, making him unique and different from most of the rappers of his age.

Three are the elements that are very important for the rapper and that surrounded completely this project: family, faith and roots, making "Almost an Adult " an important and powerful album for everyone who ever they might be.

Stream "Almost and Adult" Here:


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