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Kish strikes back with "Audio Service"

The UK Underground enigma that is Kish has always sought to have his own original contributions to all the genres he touches, and UK Drill is no exception with "Audio Service".

The bassline is most certainly a drill bassline as you would expect, but the deliberate roughness of the mix, the murky synths on the melody, and the unorthodox sound effects used to add extra texture to the beat, all ties together in a neat bow. Manny Dubbs is truly something special as a producer.

Kish's pen game is just as good as always with just the hook alone featuring punchlines such as "Said I do my thing neat like cursive". Kish is so charismatic in how he still delivers the topics Drill fans would want, just in his own way.

Listen to track below or hit the link to listen on other platforms:


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