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KO's new song is like a COD Zombies easter egg

Ko has packed so much within his new track "any", i guarantee after listening to this 5 times back to back like i did, you will still miss something.

It has become almost blasphemous not to put Ko in a top 10 current UK lyricists and this track displays why.

the first verse is a countdown from 10-1 using various punchlines and wordplay. I'm happy that they wheel up the verse for us the hear it again, because lets be honest, we were all going to do it anyway. Although, you might have missed the fact that the last verse is a count up from 1-10.

Sure, Ko's flows don't vary too much on this track which is a good thing, as it gives more room to take in the punchlines. It looks like he simply wanted to flex his lyrical muscles with this track and he definitely, which is why I'm not going to run through all the punchlines and ruin the fun for you.

This is a good point to discuss the evident amount of potential that KO has, as he has a secure foundation to work on. The next step would be to see if he can use his lyricism to articulate a particular point, or tell a story or write a song around a concept. A commonly overlooked truth is that there is difference between a good lyricist and a good song writer.

We can definitely see a great lyricist here, but I am waiting in anticipation to see what more KO can do. So, how many punchlines did you get on your first listen?


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