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kwengface drops "HI HATS" and of course it's rude as hell

Whether we be in a tornado or a pandemic ,the grind never stops for Zone 2's kwengface, as he's only just gone and released his newest hit "hi hats" along with a music video shot by pacman tv.

Of course with a kwengface Tune , along comes his cheeky lyrics . yet this time , he has managed to keep them quite straightforward yet still remaining dark as him and producer Akumastandards , do not forget to include zone 2's most infamous sonic sound .

The bond between kwengface's flow and AKUmastandards’ beat is truly immaculate as it keeps listeners anticipating what is next to be said or if their will be a switch up in the beat. with the help of pacmantv, it keeps us viewers visually entertained and really sets a scene.

Whether he decides to rap collectively or solo, kwengface never seems to fail and is most arguably at the top.

To have this much dedication to produce a song as well as this through this period of time, shows that there are no excuses in this game. The Streets never sleep, and clearly kwengface is a prime example.


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