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Live promoter Kilimanjiro targets April for return of full capacity shows

The way the coronavirus has hit every industry, and the music industry in particular has been unexpected and right now there seems to be no way out. Live music seems like a distant thing of the past, with tours cancelled or postponed, venues closed down (maybe even permanently) and everything done remotely and posted online. And The government doesn't seem to be helping - holding the economy in one hand, and people's health in the other, while desperately trying to figure out which one they can drop faster.

One company looking ahead for when things will return to normal is Kilimanjaro Live, the live promotion company behind a number of successful tours and festivals. Last week, company boss Stuart Galbraith explained that he hopes gigs in the UK will be able to return to full capacity by spring next year, earmarking April 8 as a target restart date.

He told Music Week that he feels that as the government may have a handle on the situation by then, and the fact that it will be after Easter, April 8 may be the date to keep in mind.


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