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Masterpeace on Ska? "Regular feeling" is beautiful

When you think Masterpeace couldn't be anymore unique with his sound, he brings us "Regular Feeling" a Ska track that is reminiscent of UB40 in their golden era.

It's not just the fact that Masterpeace is brave enough to make a ska track in light of what is currently trending in UK Rap/R&B , etc ,etc that is impressive for me. its the fact that his vocal ability and his voice itself is perfect for Ska, and atmosphere he creates with this song is beautiful. That hook is addictive and really brings the good vibes home to roost, it really is a true Ska love ballad.

Not every song about a man and woman has to be raunchy and hypersexual to work despite what some A&Rs will have you believe, because this is so innocent, almost like a fairy tale love story, but its undoubtedly a banger.

Huge hats off to manukahaha & George reid on the production as it truly has an authentic ska sound, and visuals team of reeceselvadorai and sahrazadat bring this love story between master Peace and Savanna small to life.


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