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Ms Banks shares exclusive behind the scenes of "Late Night Text" on 'BANK ON IT' Series Episode 2

South London rap queen has dropped the second episode of her new YouTube series #BankOnIt.

In this thrilling brand-new vlog series, the ‘Novikov’ artist treats her fans to exclusive behind the scenes footage, showcasing some of the unseen bits of her life as a rapper.

In the first episode, the ‘Snack’ rapper shared a day into her life, revealing what she has been up to, the new projects that are in the works, and a bit of her there’s no signal 10v10 with Hackney rapper Unknown T and what else we can look forward to in the #BANKONIT series.

In this latest episode 2, Ms Banks takes us with her on a set located in East London for her music video for ZieZie’s “Late Night Text” featuring Ms Banks and Kwengface. In this vlog we see her change looks, get her hair and make-up done by her glam squad as well the playful dynamic she shares with her team.

So far, the Bank On It series is well received by supporters as they are able to get to know the ‘You Don’t Know” rap queen more and more each episode.

Watch Episode 2 of Bank On It down below!


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