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Ofcom rejects complaints against dave's controversial performance

British rapper Dave shocked many of us with his overwhelming performance of the song ‘Black’, empowering the black community and emphasising the importance of black beauty. The song establishes many problems within British society and Dave speaks without restriction throughout his performance.

The track features on Dave's ‘BRIT’ award winning album ‘Psychodrama’. However, many can acknowledge and appreciate the live version more as it is an exclusive extension of his original masterpiece. Involving lyrics that weren’t mentioned on the original song, such as:

“Our prime minister's a real racist.”

“How the news treats Kate versus how they treated Meghan.”

“Grenfell victims still need accomodation.”

“We still need support for the windrush generation, reparations for the time our people spent on plantations.”

It is very easy to only see the negatives within these lyrics but many misunderstood the authenticity of his work. His intelligence and work ethic is illustrated but causes backlash in regards to it being portrayed as a racist piece. Controversial issues were freely discussed but I believe many of these comments needed to be heard. ‘Ofcom’ received 309 complaints due to this performance but rejected the criticism.

Home secretary ‘Priti Patel’ also called the lyrics “highly inappropriate” and is against the accusations of racism against ‘Boris Johnson’.

In summary, I value Dave’s bravery and passion. His political rap is inspirational and reminds us what the rest of society are thinking.


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