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Open Mic was an idea born to university student Nicholas Gray one night whilst struggling to fall asleep. 20-year-old Nicholas came up with the idea after finding a lot of his friends were struggling to find a platform which allowed them to produce or publish music as well as the difficulties that surrounds finding and connecting with other industry experts. Nicholas has worked tirelessly to develop the app with the other 2 co-founders, Cameron Okomi and Philip Mokuolu

Open Mic an app which can be downloaded provides instant access to music industry experts including artists, managers, record labels, events companies and many more. The aim is to be the ‘LinkedIn’ version of the music industry by connecting its users e.g. an event company would upload an upcoming event to the app and users will be able to bid for the gig. This creates immediate exposure to talent who wouldn’t normally have the necessary connections to book said gigs and allows them opportunity to gain work, connections and propel their careers.

Open Mic would operate on a free subscription basis only and members are invited to create their profiles and upload their work/portfolio which other users would be able to see; almost like a digital CV if you like. The app will act as a social media platform for people in the music industry but with a business flair. Users will be able to communicate on the app both privately and publicly. All users will be industry based and therefore filters out all unnecessary contact or inappropriate use. The team are also working with an external party to ensure safety and security of all users when exchanging any correspondence.

What I love the most about this app is the innovation behind creating a universal music industry platform by combining and integrating ideas from existing social media platforms such as Soundcloud, LinkedIn, Instagram and many more. This not only sets them apart from their competitors but shows the amount of research that has gone into the app and their ability to analyse and utilise what currently works in this age of digital marketing. Producers and record labels can use the app to find fresh talent, DJs or music artists can use it to showcase their talent and event organisers have access to many up and coming talents. I truly believe Open Mic will prove to be contender in the market. The app is a win for all parties involved!

Open Mic will be hosting a free launch party in collaboration with the number 1 urban event company in Reading. This will be taking place on the 19th of October 2019 at the After Dark night club in Reading. The night promises networking opportunities, drinks and a thirty minute singing/free-styling competition where artists will go head to head and battle it out for a chance to win free studio time. To get your free ticket head over to and for more information or queries, follow Open Mic on all social media platforms:

Instagram: OpenMic__

Facebook: OpenMic

Twitter: OpenMic_Music

LinkedIn: Open Mic


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