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Pa Salieu gifts us with betty and Bang Out

Early this month Pa Salieu decided to release not one, but two singles at the same time: Betty and Bang Out, after his massive hit of 2019 “Frontline” which earned him over 2 millions of views and a growing fan-base .The Coventry rapper , who’s been compared to the early J Hus, showcases his great skill, sliding easily between different registers, passing from a staccato rap to smoothly singing in the space of 16 bars. His rapping style is infused with his cultural Gambian background offering a mix of British gritty rap and afro-swing.

The two new songs utilised ‘80s musician David Sylvian’s samples and are a mix of different sounds that come together in a unique fashion. In "Betty" we have a different Pa, showing off his vocals, with a more calm mood influenced by a dark, dancehall style.

On the other hand, Bang Out is a proper rap tune, talking about the issues and struggles that someone could face at the moment, real life talk, the young wordsmith is spitting lyrics on a mixture of garage, drill beats.

We need to watch Pa Salieu closely this year, he's definitely one of the most diversify talents emerged in the past few years. The artist, who turned to music after the killing of his good friend, he's a believer in destiny, and writing songs helped him to channel his grief in a different way, being more positive and trying to inspire others to do the same.The MC, with his songs, is trying to explain life and his story and if sometimes may look violent, it's not instigating to violence, but just describing what he’s seeing daily. Coventry is just like every other city in England and life is not easy.


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