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Potter Payper releases a new single "Science" from his upcoming album Training Day 3

The Essex rapper has dropped a new track titled Science along with the visuals.

Potter Payper has done it again, and has given us real ness in his latest release, Science. The rapper is as real as they come. Rapping over a a classy, piano-styled instrumental, Payper gives us that authentic rap we all know him for.

He paints the perfect picture in the listeners head and his storytelling skills are impeccable making you take in every word he says. Not only do you hear his bars, but you can feel them. This is what makes Potter Payper one of the best in the UK rap scene.

At the end of the track we get a release date for his upcoming project, Training Day 3, making it the trilogy. The release date for it is the 18th of September so watch out for that one there.

Take in the visuals for Science here:


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