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Releases of The Week

Here are some of the freshest releases of this week in the UK:


Rising Croydon rapper BZ releases his first single of 2023, ‘Get Paid’. Shot in

Ghana, the Delenn Vaughn-directed video stars BZ playing the role of The African Robin Hood, a heroic outlaw who sets out to provide for his community. BZ takes the creative to a new level as we see cinematic scenes of him on horseback and the song's message of elevating those around him with a poetic narrative. Get Paid provides a golden era beat with a retro taste, letting BZ show off all his proper rap skills.


Coventry-born, Birmingham-based composer, producer, and rapper nineteen97

releases the new single 'WEATHERMAN' featuring Ledbyher.

Reflecting on his influences, ‘Weatherman’ merges nineteen97's eternal love for Garage, Grime, and Hip-Hop with an additional layer of Jersey Drill, produced by frequent collaborator Off Key, with a nod to the 2000s - a decade crucial to his evolving sound.

Nix Northwest

London rapper, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Nix Northwest releases new

single 'Problems' ahead of his forthcoming album 'Xin's Disappearance' due 15th March. The

self-directed video introduces a new dynamic showcasing Nix's visual storytelling reflecting the

importance of money in society, vices, and the overindulgence that follows. The 26-year-old’s charming blend of instrumentation is seasoned with strong Brazilian influences and off-beat guitar sequences. Nix is close to selling out his forthcoming tour, which will see him visit Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Brighton, and his London headline at Lafayette.

Murkage Dave

East London singer-songwriter Murkage Dave presents “I Don't Do Love

Songs - A Valentines Compilation”, including a mixture of new and old Murkage Dave serenades,

equal parts honest and direct.

The rapper released ‘Get The Girl Save The World’ from the project last month, and lead single ‘The Pact’ confronts the aftermath of an amicable breakup head-on as ex-lovers navigate the struggles of moving on.

The project is a true, modern-day love story with Dave sharing his innermost personal feelings and laying them bare for all to see, with a guest appearance from a long-term friend, rapper Manga Saint Hilare and fan favorites; “Put You On My Shoulders” and “White Nikes In The Rain”.

With vulnerability at the forefront, “I Don't Do Love Songs” solidifies his

position as a storyteller and an integral generational voice whose music remains intimate and



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