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Rushy returns with sliky smooth UK trap rap banger "no Brakes"

Rushy's journey from his hit songs "Trippidy Trap", "Hi! Bye! to his debut EP "Stress 3" has been beautiful to watch, and it continues with his newest drop "No Brakes".

The calm melodies in contrast to the jumpy trap basslines have always been a staple in Rushy's sound, and once again, he's proven it's truly a great formula. The beat revolves around Rushy's flow so nicely, its almost like the pockets in the beat find him, rather than him finding pockets in the beat. Birdie Bands truly deserves a lot of credit for his work on this one.

Rushy proves himself as a good songwriter with the hook being almost impossible to not sing along to, but it also functions well as a song that's perfect for your smoke session with your friends.

"No Brakes" is now available on all platforms here but if you haven't already listened to his debut EP "Stress 3", give a listen and take in more of his sound.

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Click on the photo above to listen.


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