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Scarlxrd is slept on by the UK, let me wake you up

Scarlxrd might be a British rapper from Leeds, but he by no means makes "Uk music" and I think that's why most of you reading this have never heard of him. His fusion of Rap and heavy metal with solid rap flows alongside screamo, is certainly not what many would call "UK Rap".

Despite this, Scarlxrd is pushing the boundaries of his own variation of the sound with his latest track "ASK", which functions as a 90's US hip hop track, with rap and screamo vocals.

The drum pattern of the instrumental feels like east coast rap music, but the vocal loops fill out the track and fit with scarlxrd's rap flows perfectly. This song is a rollercoaster of twists and turns jumping between the two styles any time.

His actually rapping ability usually goes unnoticed by those introduced to his music, simply because they are instantly put off by the heavy metal influences that aren't a part of what is seen as "UK Culture".

I Picked this song to share with you because in my opinion, it showcases his rap abilities well and it may be easier for listeners of strictly "UK Music" to take in.

It really is just the UK sleeping on scarlxrd as his international fan base is insane. The streaming numbers and youtube views do not lie.

I would love to see what collabs he could come up with eventually, due to the diversity of instrumentals he comes up with on his projects, even though his upcoming album is a solo album. Shxdow and Kid Bookie would be great places to start.

So give him a try, find a whole new world outside of "UK Music", because there is so much out there.


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