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shae universe with you lose mixes r&b and drill

Shae Universe just released the new single 'You lose ' with a new flavour, an unique blend of R&B and drill to champion a new emerging sound "R&Drill".

The song uses a famous classic garage sample ‘I’m Sorry’ by Monster Boy, starting with a smooth melody and Shae buttery voice, building up gradually into a fiery rap.

The artist is one of the first R&B singers experimenting this new type of genre - becoming known as R&drill - with the producer O.J. Bidding she put together this beautiful fusion of slick vocals and gritty bars, showcasing a different side of ShaE Universe.

The London artist established herself already in the last year with h e r different and unique neo-soul R&B sound , setting her far apart from her contemporaries, but with the release of this song she also proved her undeniable mark she’s leaving as one of the pioneers in this new genre R&Drill.

‘You Lose’ lyrics are very intense, talking about the wrongs of toxic and difficult relationships, and are working really well with her distinctive vocal talent, shifting easily from emotional soft pieces to bold and sharply cut flows.

"I can feel my whole world changing

Never thought I'd end up here with you

Crazy how I showed you patience

But you let me go like I'm nothing to lose

Maybe this was all a game and

I was being played like some kinda fool

There is nothing left to say here

You lose, you lose"

This could be a great time for the UK R&B - that is kind of re emerging in the past couple of years - as we are witnessing the birth of a completely new genre who could change the scene completely, even if 'You lose 'is just a subtle start, I reckon Shae is definitely opening the doors to this new sound.


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