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Sinead Harnett Drops Stickin' with Masego and Vanjess

Sinead Harnett of 'all that you are' fame, has teamed up with acclaimed American artist Masego and the sister duo VanJess for her new single Stickin’. her first release in 2020, stikcin' is a soulful piece that, after a string of memorable eps and a powerful debut album, consolidates Harnett's status as one of the leading females of English R&B.

Co-produced by Sunny Kale and Mike Brainchild, the single precedes the upcoming album which will be released later this year.

Sinead Harnett

The track has a real relaxed summer groove, with an uncontrollable beat. The singer declares loyalty to her love, swearing to always be there for better or for worse between the alternating phases of life. Masego bring to the single some real traphousejazz vibes, while the duo Vanjess enhance the quality with their smooth vocals.

Sinead said about the tune,

“When we were making the track it felt like summer to me, and I wanted to bring a little contrast to that lyrically. Often the people that most get on our nerves are the ones we’re closest to. The ones we’ll always stick by. I loved how VanJess made their own spin on that notion, and how Masego gave his side to the story in response.”

you can check out the song on youtube below.


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