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Clapham’s own, Skeamer returns with a true back to basics approach to UK rap with his latest single, ‘War Ready’. Skeamer has been a missed voice in the scene, and after a short absence last year, he comes back with a hard tune. This one can only be called rider music – he isn’t dipping into drill as he has in the past. Instead, Skeamer stays true to his roots, slowing the vibe down to spit over some jazz samples and trap beats.

The beat is hard, with an uptempo rhythm that complements the jazzy saxophones and pianos in the background. It’s an underrated combination that makes for what feels like a hidden gem of a song. It may be a short loop, but it’s definitely easy to listen to and shows off Skeamer’s ear for production. Bigga’s passionate, spine chilling hook is a perfect match for the song, adding to the contemplative vibe off and completing the song that could’ve felt like a freestyle without it.

Lyrically, this is a song about a lot of pain. It’s not called ‘War Ready’ for no reason. Skeamer paints himself as a soldier trapped in the streets, and with his slow, confessional flow, the lyrics at some points feel like something he might really repent over. It’s a violent, but very self-aware song about the pain you feel in the streets.

The Pacman directed visual adds a clean visual to match the smooth beat, and definitely adds to the quality of the song.

You can check that out below, and we hope to hear more great music from all of OJB in the future.


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