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slowthai & kenny beats; the uk/us collab you didn't know you needed!

one of the hottest talents out of the uk- slowthai collabs with well known american producer , kenny beats. this song is one fans have been craving for since it was first leaked by kenny beats on a live stream. slowthai is easily one of the UK`s best up and coming rappers. his 2019 album (nothing great about Britain) was well received globally and helped put the UK alternate rap scene on the map.

Kenny beats' expertise and flexibility is apparent and clear, as he has created a beat perfectly suited for slowthai , and perfectly brings out his aggressiveness and rage. the base of the beat, thumps loudly and is reminiscent of artists such as rico nasty and ski mask the slump god (both artists kenny has worked with before) however slowthai ads his own uniqueness and makes the beat his own by rapping in a vulgar and raw manner which makes his lyrics stand out.

with lyrics such as "open your mouth, baby girl, let me spit" and "Nut on her face while she rub on her cl*t" slowthai raps about his lifestyle with various females and his sexual actions with them. the combination of the hard hitting beat and his raw lyrics, kenny beats and slowthai have created a song that perfectly reflects both artists and their respective music scenes.


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