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Spotify opens ‘Sound Up’, podcast training programme to black women and other marginalised voices

Podcasting is the dark horse of the music industry; what initially started as an offshoot of radio jettisoned into the mainstream by trailblazers like Ricky Gervais, has turned into a lucrative market in itself, with famed podcasters like Joe Rogan making licencing deals with Spotify worth $100 million.

The UK has seen several successful podcasts that have made their mark, including Chuckie and Poet’s Halfcast, 3 Shots of Tequila and Laid Bare. However, today Spotify have announced an initiative that makes it clear that they want to place more emphasis on more underrepresented voices.

After finding that 5% of the top 100 podcasts in the UK are hosted by BAME women or non-binary people, Spotify has sought to make their own corrective action and open up their Sound Up podcast programme exclusively to these groups.

In a programme that provides a virtual, quarantine-friendly course with computers and wifi access, this could have a big impact for black and minority women across the country.

applications for the 2020 Sound upprogramme, are now open at The deadline for entries is 4th August.


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