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tamera flipside is calm and smooth

Tamera dropped her latest single “Flipside'' following her two debut singles “Romeo” and “Don't Phone “.

R&B artist Tamera is one of the new emerging voices in the UK scene, her sound is unique and different, mixing the mellow and smoothness of the R&B with the edgy British blare .

Her tones are warm and harmonious and her narrative can be dreamy and enable people to be transported in an ethereal world. when we talk about the future of this genre in the uk, this is the type of artists that help us to be more hopeful and trusting the scene.

“Flipside” showcases a fresh sound with a calm and delicate mood. Tamera vocals are floating effortlessly through all the rhythm of the song.The instruments in the backing are a mix of different layering and vybrant percussion, building up to a well structured beat.

The story is about not having the strength or energy to deal with relationships issues, and leave all the problems on one side,to deal at a different time, avoiding to hurt anyone's feelings with the wrong present mood.

This single anticipates the eagerly awaited debut EP of the songstress, which should reach us by the end of the year.


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