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the boys are back and better than ever!

the 28th of February 2020 marked the first time in over a year since skengdo x am had performed since their ban, and all we can say is "they were back like they never left!"

the crowd took in their salience and emitted it back with a surge of energy. the room shook from the vibrations of the jumping, the energy within the room conveyed skengdo x am's power of performance. despite having been absent from the stage for over a year they still managed to uplift a whole room filled with people and create an electric current which manifested through the hyped up energy of the audience. regardless of their lack of on stage performances over the past year, the audience still managed to recite every lyric of their well-known 'mad about bars' and 'behind bars'.

the beginning of 2020 has started with a plethora of opportunities and great promise of success for the duo with their release of 'eu drillas' in which each song features a drill artist from. a variety of European countries, showcasing the talent and impact of drill on an international scale. furthermore, this first performance is hope for a now Long list of more upcoming performances, including their tour in April, MAKE SURE YOU GET YOUR TICKETS ASAP.


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