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Stickz, Godfather of Drill, is back again with "Amnesia"

After the success of recent collabs with M24 "Luke Cage" & "We Don't Dance" , which saw the pioneer of UK Drill stickz finally get his first 1 million views, fans were waiting for a solo track from stickz as some felt as if his verses on the songs were too short. Stickz then released a freestyle for innacity (click here to view an in depth review).

This year 150 have made a comeback, labeling themselves as the GBGs (GET BACK GANG) and the views speak for themselves with the group racking up around 5 million views in 2019,releasing almost 1-2 songs every month, getting them back where most fans think they deserve to be.

"Amnesia" is another banger to add to stickz's collection as it is a very greazy tune with that top class wordplay that the Brixton rapper is known for. The tune is complimented by a very slick video of stickz enjoying life with the rest of the 150 crew (courtesy of Pacman TV).


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