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Trillary Banks released her new single Drillary

The rapper Trillary Banks, has released her latest single, Drillary.

In this track, we find her in a hard and more aggressive guise than usual, riding the drill style , switching from her usual dancehall mood, reminding us immediately of her great talent in being versatile.

This song is a drill production by Zenith & Chris Rich. Trillary lyricism goes straight to the point, no turns of words, no soft tones, perfectly accompanied by a gritty beat drill. In the video we see the artist appearing in various locations:

in a block estate in London with friends, outside her Brixton studio and in a smoky room completely wrapped in soft orange lights, while juggling snakes.

Trillary, originally from Leicester, has solidified her position of continuous expansion in the UK scene in recent years, after working hard for many years, it was her single from 2017 Come over mi yard that made her more popular. Since then,there are many pieces brought out by the artist catapulting her into the playlists of many listeners, accumulating millions of views through all the major music platforms.

Her sound is fresh and energetic with a mixture of pure and raw rap and energizing dancehall. We like her in both ways, just need to get some more.


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