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Uk Wave Scene rapper Uknwn drops "Bussdown" from upcoming Mixtape "22"

Uknwn has been truly been a developing his signature sound inside of the UK Wave Music scene, and "Bussdown" is another sign that more great things are coming down the pipeline.

Hollywood six alongside jaime la cree do a brilliant job with production with the spacey melodies which uknwn excels with due to his impressive vocal ability. The visualizer created by The midnight club gives a futuristic grand theft auto theme which is a breathe of fresh air after seeing the same backdrops accompanied by the same models for quite some time.

“Bussdown is about striving for the best.” Says Uknwn. “It’s about looking for the best and having the best in life.”

uknwn's forthcoming mixtape "22", will be the first project to be released since signing to Relentless record and it will be interesting to see what he can accomplish when he has more resources available to him.


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